The Courage of Mary

Today (apart from being the date of the Destruction of the Ring of Power), is the Feast of the Annunciation, the day when the angel Gabriel visited the Blessed Virgin and announced that God had chosen her to be the Mother of His Son. It was a huge announcement for someone from a humble background like Mary (yes, she was a descendant of King David, but her family sure wasn’t living like royalty!), and it took a lot of courage to say yes.

Why courage? You always hear about obedience and humility in relation to Mary, but that obedience and humility had their roots in courage. She knew about the prophecies concerning the Messiah; she knew He wouldn’t have an easy life, and she knew that as His Mother, her life would not be easy, either. There was also Joseph, her fiancé, to consider–they weren’t married yet, so who knew how he would react to finding out Mary was pregnant!

She knew there would be judgement and scrutiny, but she agreed anyway because she trusted that God would help her through the trials and hardships, and that great trust gave rise to great courage.

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