That Time I Unknowingly Predicted the Future

I was looking back through some of my season 8 Doctor Who reviews when a particular paragraph from my review for “The Caretaker” grabbed my attention. During my review I hypothesized:

Clara later admits that she loves both Danny and the Doctor (although the Doctor in clearly a different way), and she is not the first companion to do this in recent history. But what will come of this? Rose chose the Doctor; Amy chose Rory. What decision will Clara make? My guess is that if Moffat wanted to shake things up a bit, Clara will choose neither of them. If her departure is imminent, something will happen that will cause her to leave the TARDIS, but she won’t necessarily go off with Danny either because he’s dead or their relationship is toast.

Without realizing it, I had predicted the end of the season 8 finale “Death in Heaven”. If you’ll recall, Clara did leave the TARDIS at the end of that episode, but she didn’t go off with Danny due to his untimely demise and his decision to return the boy he killed in Afghanistan to the land of the living rather than return himself. Granted, she returned for “Last Christmas” and looks to be resuming her full-time companion status in season 9, but still…I got it right. I think that’s the first time I ever correctly predicted the outcome of a season of Doctor Who. I wonder if I can pull it off again for season 9…


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