BREAKING NEWS: Jenna Coleman Confirms She’s Leaving Doctor Who (Also, We Have the Series 9 Prequel)

It’s been rumored for the last couple of weeks that season 9 will be Jenna Coleman’s last season on Doctor Who. She’s been playing time-traveling schoolteacher Clara Oswald since 2012 (more or less), so people were starting to wonder if she was looking to move on. Well, today those rumors were confirmed ( although we don’t yet know how or why Clara will be saying farewell to the Doctor…or if she’ll live to tell the tale.

I will miss Jenna on the show. I know Clara wasn’t exactly a favorite among viewers, but I liked her, and I absolutely loved how she played off Capaldi. Jenna and Peter were amazing together, making Twelve and Clara my favorite Doctor/companion duo since Ten and Donna. One thing’s for sure–I will miss her.

On a happier note, the prequel to “The Magician’s Apprentice” has been released online. Titled “The Doctor’s Meditation”, it finds the Doctor all by himself in the Middle Ages, where he seems desperate to distract himself from…something. He also seems to have developed a fondness for digging wells.

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