Doctor Who Review: The Zygon Invasion *Contains Spoilers*

From the way the Doctor was rocking out to “Amazing Grace” on his trusty electric guitar, it’s safe to say that Peter Capaldi is officially having too much fun. It’s like Matt Smith and the fez. Here’s hoping that River won’t treat that guitar the same way she treated the fez when she returns for the Christmas special.

You may remember from “The Day of the Doctor” that the Doctor(s) helped to draft a peace treaty between the humans and the Zygons that would allow the shape-shifting aliens to make their new home on Earth after the destruction of their own planet. Up until now the Zygons have lived peacefully side-by-side with the humans, but some of the Zygons are tired of this arrangement. They want to live on Earth as their real selves instead of pretending to be human, and they will do whatever it takes to claim Earth for themselves–including replacing everyone in London. At the center of it all is UNIT science officer Osgood–but is it the human Osgood or the Zygon Osgood? Which one did Missy kill, and which one survived? Osgood herself refuses to say which she is–she claims she doesn’t remember–but with Clara and Kate replaced by Zygon duplicates, the Doctor is rapidly running out of people he can trust.

I’ll be honest; the revelation that Clara was a Zygon duplicate was a complete shock; I did not see that coming at all. Having Osgood back is a real delight, and I love the question marks she has on her shirt collar. Earlier in the episode she was wearing the Seventh Doctor’s question mark sweater vest, which begs the question of how is she getting all of the Doctor’s old outfits? Does UNIT keep a stash of Doctor clothes hidden somewhere?

All in all, “The Zygon Invasion” was very taught, setting up intriguing situations for next week’s conclusion “The Zygon Inversion”. I’d also like to note that I have really liked the two-episode format they’ve been doing this season; I feel as if we’ve gotten more fleshed-out story lines. I hope it’s something they continue to do in season 10.

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