Doctor Who Review: The Zygon Inversion *Contains Spoilers*

I’m just going to come right out and say that we still don’t know which Osgood survived Missy’s attack, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was the human Osgood for reasons I will explain a little later.

In this episode, Clara proves her time in the TARDIS has equipped her for every possible situation. When she figures out that she is trapped inside a Zygon pod, she uses the telepathic link between herself and Bonnie (the Zygon who assumed Clara’s form) to sabotage Bonnie’s attack on the Doctor’s plane and to text the Doctor to say she is still alive. She was also very cool under pressure and unphased by Bonnie’s threats. Clara’s been around awhile; she knows when someone is serious and when someone’s just bluffing. That is one of the qualities I will miss about her when she leaves.

The standout portion of the episode was the Doctor’s speech to Bonnie about what she hopes the war will accomplish–and the Doctor surmises that Bonnie hasn’t thought her plan through very well, for once she has changed the world into what she wants it to be, how will she defend it against the people who will rise up in revolution against her?  And, being a nerdy Catholic girl, I honed in on this particular aspect of the Doctor’s speech: “You kids throwing tantrums, you’re all the same! You all think you’re unforgivable. Well, I’ve got news for you–I forgive you.” Maybe that wasn’t specifically meant to be a theological study, but, as stated earlier, I am a nerdy Catholic girl; I am going to make random connections to Catholicism.

Now, as for my suspicion that the Zygon Osgood was killed in “Death in Heaven”–by the end of the episode, Bonnie has chosen to abandon the war and let her people live in peace. Rather than keeping Clara’s face, she opted to duplicate Osgood to replace the one who died. This is why I suspect the human Osgood is the one who survived–I’ve never heard of a Zygon duplicating another Zygon. Bonnie would have to have duplicated from the original…from the human.

Next week is supposedly our scariest episode ever. Considering it’s written by Mark Gatiss, I can believe that; he’s written some doozies in the past.

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  1. Bill in Racine

    I must be a Nerdy Catholic boy then. Because when I heard the Doctor say those lines, I started to cry. It was almost like hearing Pope Francis talking to the world of God’s Mercy and love. It was one of the best episodes of Doctor Who I’ve ever seen.

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