Doctor Who Review: Sleep No More *Contains Spoilers*

For supposedly the most terrifying Doctor Who episode ever, “Sleep No More” didn’t terrify me in the least. I mean, the ending with Rasmussen was kind of creepy, but it was creepy in a cool kind of way. Other than that, I wasn’t feeling the terror. Then again, I am notoriously difficult to scare.

Even if I was disappointed with the scare factor, I did like the premise of the Sandmen–sentient dust particles that devour you if you don’t sleep is definitely a classic case of Doctor Who taking something innocuous like statues or wifi and turning it into something that eats your face. Having the dust just plain watching you is something that I know resonated with audiences everywhere (even me a little bit). There were definitely some clever twists, too, about where we got the footage when no one had helmet cameras and why Rasmussen was collecting the footage in the first place. I can definitely see some Whovians losing sleep over this one.

Next week, Rigsy returns! And sooner or later, everyone must face the raven…


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