Doctor Who Review: Heaven Sent *Contains Spoilers*

We are on mauve alert here, Whovians, mauve alert! This latest episode of Doctor Who changes everything we knew about the Doctor and about the show, and Moffat gave us some of his best writing, and Capaldi is the bestest Doctor ever, and, and, and…

Sorry about that. I got a bit carried away. “Heaven Sent” really was a phenomenal piece of work–when Moffat puts his mind to it, he can really write a solid story. This one was full of everything that makes his Doctor Who stories so memorable, full of terror and puzzlers and timey-wimey stuff. His twist of the Doctor’s cycle of death and revival was quite the shocker to me and one of the best twists he’s pulled on the show in years. Well done, Moffat.

What to say about Peter Capaldi? He was on fire in this week’s episode; everything about his Doctor was perfect–especially his dealings with Clara’s death. The way he continues to talk to her, forgetting that she’s not there anymore, reminds me of 2008’s “Partners in Crime” when we see the Tenth Doctor happily chatting away in the TARDIS before remembering that he’s alone.

And I’d just like to say that it was so nice to hear an explanation for the Doctor’s whole story of running from Gallifrey because he was bored. In this episode he admits that was a lie, which was always my theory about it. When we first met the Doctor and Susan in “An Unearthly Child”, the Doctor implied that they are in exile and could not return. When faced with the realization that he must contact Gallifrey in “The War Games”, the Doctor is terrified for his life. So there were always hints that there was something more sinister about his departure from Gallifrey than we saw on TV.

What about his claim of being the Hybrid? I see this going one of two ways: either it’s a reference to his statement of being half-human in the 1996 TV movie, or it’s a reference to Rusty’s statement from “Into the Dalek” about how the Doctor is a good Dalek. Either way, “Hell Bent” is shaping up to be one of the most exciting season finales ever!



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  1. “Me” could of course mean something/someone completely different!

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