Advent is a Time of Grace

Advent started on Sunday, and I’ll be honest–I wasn’t ready for it to begin. Seeing Advent begin again was a reminder that another year of my life is on its way out, and I wasn’t ready for it to go, and I just haven’t got the energy to be festive this year.

My attitude changed after I went to Mass on Sunday, and it was due to the sermon the priest delivered. He drew parallels between the first coming of Christ at Christmas and the second coming at the end of the world and how remembering the first Advent helps us in our second Advent, but that wasn’t what got my attention. What got my attention was his statement of how lucky we are to live in the time we do. Why? Because we’ve got the sacraments! We’ve got sanctifying grace! Sometimes we take stuff like that for granted, but the priest made me realize that, yeah, sanctifying grace is kind of a big deal. He also talked about since Advent is the start of the new liturgical year, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities for grace we are given each day and those we receive in the sacraments.

Suffice it to say, his sermon inspired me to make the most of Advent’s preparatory time. And that, I believe, is what a good sermon is supposed to do–inspire you to do better.


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