BREAKING NEWS: Steven Moffat Resigns as Doctor Who Showrunner, Series 10 Pushed Back to 2017

The Radio Times website reported today that Steven Moffat, the showrunner Whovians love to hate, will leave Doctor Who after series 10…but series 10 won’t air until 2017. Oh, we’ll get a Christmas special this year, but you can forget any fond hopes you nursed about an epic, timey-wimey 2016. Apparently the BBC decided that Moffat’s last series as showrunner would be overshadowed by the Olympics, so in order to give him a proper sendoff, they’re going to wait a year to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

A year? Really? Are you trying to antagonize the fans?

Anyway, the new showrunner will be Chris Chibnall, whom I remember as writing some very excellent episodes of Doctor Who in past series (“42” was very taught and well-paced, and “The Power of Three” deftly illustrated the push-pull relationship of a normal life and a life with the Doctor), and so I am greatly anticipating the stories and tone he will be bringing to the show when he assumes the showrunner mantle in 2018.

Let it be known, however, that I fully disapprove of the year-long hiatus of Doctor Who; I think the BBC is making a mistake by making the fans wait that long, and if this is a sneaky way of trying to kill the show, well, I think they’re going to be awfully surprised. We’ve survived longer hiatuses than this one; we will prevail over this one, too!



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4 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Steven Moffat Resigns as Doctor Who Showrunner, Series 10 Pushed Back to 2017

  1. Glingaerthel Nostariel

    What??? This is so stupid…. People would watch it even during the Olympics… I really do enjoy the Olympics, but Dr. Who is also wonderful. Also, who is taking his place?

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