So I’ve Discovered “The X-Files”…

…and I’m trying to figure out how I’ve gone so long without realize how good this show is. I’ve always known it as the weird show about aliens–which, in all honesty, it is, but it’s also really good.

I started watching the rebooted series when it premiered a few weeks ago, mostly out of curiosity. I remembered seeing commercials for the original show long ago, but I had never watched it; now that it was coming back, I decided to see what it was like. Yes, it’s strange and full of off-the-wall conspiracy theories, but the strangeness and conspiracy theories are packaged in good writing. To top it all off, the other day I watched the pilot episode of the original X-Files series, and I have officially decided that qualifies as A Very Awesome Show.

I must say that the decision to carry on with the original characters and scenarios reminds me of how the BBC brought back Doctor Who in 2005–both series picked up where they left off (more or less), and they kept the same theme song. I think this helps to illustrate how both Doctor Who and The X-Files are not supposed to be reboots in the usual sense; they are extensions and continuations of the original shows, which, of course, encourages fans to come back and watch.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen of The X-Files so far, and I suppose it and Legends of Tomorrow will be helping to fill the TARDIS-shaped void in my life that comes from not having new Doctor Who episodes until Christmas.


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