Impressions on the 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I got inspired to do this post when I was reading through the older entries on my blog and saw one of my early posts was on the 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies. Since those early days were fraught with tenseness over what topics I could write about, I decided to pay homage to that long-ago beginning by writing about the most recent summer Olympics.

Let me just get out of the way that I thought there were too many commercials. I understand they have to run them; it just felt as if every time they got to something interesting, the announcers would say, “We’ll be right back after these messages.”

When they weren’t doing commercials, the ceremonies were quite impressive. It wasn’t as lavish as what we saw in Beijing or London, but there was a distinctive passion about it, nonetheless. The performers were putting their hearts and souls into that show, and it showed. I’m not too familiar with Brazilian culture, but the impression I got last night was that they are a people with a passion for life.

The parade of nations is always cool, and I can’t help but feel a sense of pride for the countries that only send a few athletes–they may not have many to send, but the ones that do go are bursting with pride to be representing their countries on a global platform. And, of course, I always feel patriotic when I see Team USA go marching out into the stadium, expertly led this year by Michael Phelps. Go, Team USA! Also, I thought the idea of the Athletes’ Forest was a pretty neat one.

I can’t wait to see how all of the different teams fare in the competitions this year!

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  1. HealthyEmily

    I loved the idea of the athletes’ forest, too – and how amazing was the torch lighting??

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