Tolkien Week: Happy Hobbit Day!

We’re taking a break from the musical covers today because it’s September 22–Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’s birthday, AKA Hobbit Day! And there’s only one truly appropriate video to post on Hobbit Day…

Hobbits sure know how to party, don’t they?


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2 responses to “Tolkien Week: Happy Hobbit Day!

  1. Katerianne

    And Hobbit Day was on a Thursday this year, too, just as in the book. I find that fun, since in modern society, if the birthday fell on a Thursday the party would have to be relocated to the following Saturday, but in the Shire everyone can put their entire lives on hold to celebrate all day on whatever day of the week the party happens to be. (Of course, if you invite the entire town to a party, I suppose that makes it something on the scale of a village festival or town holiday…)

    Happy Belated Hobbit Day!

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