What Made Me Want to Play the Violin?

Posting about my Mendini MV 300 yesterday got me thinking about why I wanted to learn the violin in the first place. Motivation for learning an instrument is different for different people–for me, it was all spawned by a video. Specifically, this video:

Up until then, I had no idea that the violin could be used to play awesome music. I thought it was just something for classical music, and since I never much cared for classical music, I didn’t want to learn it. But after I saw this video, I was like, “Ooh! You can use the violin to play music that’s actually fun!”

So there you have it, folks; I started playing the violin because of a Lindsey Stirling video. It’s probably not the most exciting origin story, but there you go.

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One response to “What Made Me Want to Play the Violin?

  1. HealthyEmily

    Me too! For me it was her “Elements” video, coupled with a book I was reading at the same time about a Scottish fiddler. I wonder how many people play the violin because of Lindsey? 😊

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