A Rant about Early Christmas Commercials

At first I was excited for the presidential election to be over because that meant we would all finally be free of campaign commercials. Then I realized the horrifying truth–no more campaign commercials just means they’ll start running Christmas commercials. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

I started seeing Christmas commercials last month, but those were extremely rare–after all, people just had to get their precious political ads on TV! But now that the election is over, I’m expecting the number of Christmas ads to increase dramatically. And I. Do Not. Like It.

Look, I love Christmas as much as the next person, but showing commercials for it before we even have Thanksgiving–or Halloween, for that matter–is absolutely ridiculous! People probably aren’t worried about Christmas this far advance; they’re worried about how they’re going to get through all of the stuff that comes before it! Besides, some of us actually like Halloween and Thanksgiving and would like to take the time to enjoy those holidays instead of feeling as though we’re being rushed through to Christmas! Do your sales really improve that much by advertising so early?

On a happier note, I’m very pleased to see that so many stores are saying they’re going to be closed on Thanksgiving. Some of those Black Friday sales were turning into Black Thursday sales, and it didn’t seem right that those retail workers were forced to spend the holiday at a cash register instead of a turkey dinner. It will be interesting to see what my local new stations do, though, because a lot of them will run stories on the Thanksgiving night sales–standing outside talking to people in line and stuff like that.

I will admit that seeing the stores put their employees before profits renews my hope in humanity somewhat…but it’s still too early for Christmas commercials.


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2 responses to “A Rant about Early Christmas Commercials

  1. Katerianne

    Yep, it’s too early for Christmas *anything* – don’t even get me started on the “Christmas music” (the lyrics of which often have nothing to do with Christmas) that’ll be blaring in the stores before long. Christmas begins on the night of December 24, people, and runs through Epiphany (preferably through the Baptism of the Lord). It does *not* begin the day after Halloween and end on December 26. Rushing ahead is like eating the cake mix instead of baking it and frosting it and getting it ready just right.

    Sorry for the mini-rant; I only meant to agree with you, as the secular replacement of the Advent season with a shopping season is one of my personal pet peeves! 😉 Like you, I’m no Scrooge – I just happen to think that Christmas is better in its place after Advent, just like the aforementioned analogical cake is better in its place after dinner. For some reason, a large part of our culture seems to have forgotten the virtue of patience and that a thing’s value can actually be increased if you’ve had to wait for it.

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