Remembering the Doctor: The First Doctor

With November being Doctor Who month, I decided to spend the next twelve days recapping my favorite stories from each of the twelve Doctors. And because I’ve been clever, this whole series will end on the day before Doctor Who Day!

We’re starting things off with the First Doctor (and my first Doctor), William Hartnell. William Hartnell originated the role of the Doctor and starred on the show from 1963 to 1966. His Doctor started out very gruff and hostile, extremely resentful of the human companions foisted upon him (well, technically he kidnapped them, but he still resented their existence), but we gradually see him soften up a little and realize that humans aren’t as bad as he originally thought.

The first episode I ever watched with the First Doctor was the 1963 six-parter “The Daleks”, which also happened to be my first introduction to Doctor Who. I was hooked the first time I heard the theme song. Yes, you can tell the production values on it are low (they didn’t have a huge budget), but the fact that the creative team managed to create something so iconic with so few resources is frankly remarkable. And I must say that I can’t think of any better introduction to Doctor Who than to watch the episode that introduced its most memorable villains.

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