Remembering the Doctor: The Third Doctor

It’s Day 3 of my favorite Doctor Who stories, so we’re covering Jon Pertwee’s unforgettable Third Doctor. From 1970 to 1974, Pertwee played a dashing James Bond-esque who spent his Earthbound exile helping UNIT, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (nuWho would reimagine this as the Unified Intelligence Taskforce). Reunited with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart from “The Web of Fear” and aided by the likes of Captain Yates, Liz Shaw, Sergeant Benton, Jo Grant, and Sarah Jane Smith, would battle old enemies and face off with terrifying new ones like the Axons, the Silurians, and that incorrigible rogue Time Lord the Master.

I would say my favorite Third Doctor story is “Inferno”,  which, I believe, was one of the first parallel Earth storylines on Doctor Who. Seeing the evil doubles of Liz, Sergeant Benton, and the Brigadier (who looks absolutely weird without his trademark mustache) was one of the most fascinating parts of this serial. Although there were parts where the story did seem to drag a big, the overall plot was still very intriguing.


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