Remembering the Doctor: The Sixth Doctor

For Day 6 of my grand Doctor Who recap, we’re covering the Sixth Doctor. Played by Colin Baker from 1984-1986, the Sixth Doctor is often unfairly described as being one of the worst Doctors in the show’s history. That’s simply not true. Yes, he had poor writing (the BBC was getting interested in killing the show at this point since it had been on the air since 1963 and wasn’t supposed to last this long), and the coat was hideous, and he and his episodes tended to be darker than previous Doctors and episodes–but all of those things, in my opinion anyway, were what made the Sixth Doctor stand out from the rest. His material may not have been the greatest, but he did the best with what he was given.

My favorite Sixth Doctor episode is a bit of a controversial choice–“Vengeance on Varos”. This is probably one of Doctor Who‘s most polarizing episodes; people usually either love it or hate it. I was one of the ones who loved it. The dystopian future setting can be overused at times, but here the 1984 vibe was well executed. Also, there were some characters I was pretty sure would die, but they ended up living, so that was a nice twist.


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