Remembering the Doctor: The Seventh Doctor

It’s Day 7–officially an entire week of recounting my favorite Doctor Who episodes from each Doctor. Naturally enough, we’re covering Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor. The Seventh Doctor is another one that is often viewed more harshly due to what is often considered sub-part storylines (again, the BBC was actively trying to kill the show at this point; it didn’t want Doctor Who anymore, but the show simply refused to die), but Seven actually had some pretty great episodes.

One of the greats as well as my favorite Seventh Doctor story is “The Curse of Fenric”. Here we get a chance to see a darker, more conniving side to the Doctor that most people were surprised to see in this frequently clownish incarnation, and we see how utterly ruthless he can be. It’s almost like seeing a vision of what the Valeyard will eventually be.


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