Remembering the Doctor: The Eighth Doctor

Day 8 sees us reflecting on Paul McGann’s short-lived Eighth Doctor. McGann played the Doctor only twice onscreen–once in the 1996 TV movie and again in the 2013 minisode “The Night of the Doctor”. He’s more than made up for it with audio dramas, though; the Eighth Doctor has been a regular character in their productions since 2001. Although fans were never given a chance to see him onscreen in a regular run as the Doctor, he still managed to capture their hearts in audio format.

Because I’m not very familiar with the audio dramas, I’m mainly focusing on his two screen adventures. And of the two, I would have to say “The Night of the Doctor” is my favorite. It may be shorter than the movie, but McGann has such a commanding and imposing presence as the Doctor that you can’t help but be awed (or you can’t help crying a bit because he never got a chance to play the Doctor on TV).


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