Remembering the Doctor: The Ninth Doctor

We’re venturing into the nuWho era today by taking a look at the one and only Ninth Doctor. Christopher Eccleston was the first actor to portray the Doctor onscreen in the modern day, and though he was the Doctor only for 2005, he owned the role for every minute he was on the screen. This was a different Doctor than we were used to seeing–harder, bitter, haunted by the loss of Gallifrey in the Time War. Despite what he had suffered, there were still glimpses of that same old Doctorish personality that reassured us all that this was still the same man.

The Ninth Doctor didn’t get very many episodes, but the episodes he did have were outstanding, especially the haunting and unforgettable “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances” (written by future showrunner Steven Moffat). I don’t scare easily, but “Child” kept my on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Plus, it’s the episode that introduces Captain Jack, so that’s always a benefit.

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