Remembering the Doctor: The Tenth Doctor

It’s Day 10 of my Doctor Who recapping adventures, so we’re rolling onwards to the much-loved and uber-popular Tenth Doctor. David Tennant had some huge shoes to fill when he took over from Christopher Eccleston in 2005; new and old fans alike loved the latter and hated to see him leave after just one season. But his infectious grin, enthusiastic personality, and gravity-defying hair earned him legions of fans, and when he left in 2010, the same people who were skeptical of his arrival were now begging him to stay.

The Tenth Doctor was a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy, but he also had the potential for great darkness. This tendency came into focus several times during his run, but nowhere is it so prominent as in “The Waters of Mars”. Here he is alone and companionless, technically at his most vulnerable–and his most dangerous. With no one to rein him in, he thinks nothing of violating a fixed point in time. This abrupt descent into darkness and madness was both shocking and fascinating, which is why this episode out of all others is my favorite Tenth Doctor story.


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