Remembering the Doctor: The Eleventh Doctor

Day 11 gives us a chance to examine the effervescent Eleventh Doctor, he of the bowtie and fez and fish fingers and custard. Much like when David Tennant first joined the show, Matt Smith was met with a large dose of criticism and skepticism–many felt he was too young to play the Doctor (he was 26, the youngest actor ever to be cast in the role) while most were just heartbroken over the fact that Tennant was leaving. But he swaggered into the TARDIS with that cocky Time Lord stride, tripped over his feet a couple of times, and took everyone on an unforgettable ride through time and space.

Some of nuWho’s most memorable episodes have come from Eleven’s era–“Vincent and the Doctor”, “The Angels Take Manhattan”, “The Name of the Doctor”, and the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” are all utterly unforgettable and will be talked about for years to come. For myself, my favorite Eleventh Doctor episode is “The Doctor’s Wife”, where the soul of the TARDIS is trapped inside the body of a human woman named Idris, allowing the Doctor and his faithful time machine to converse face to face for the first time. The concept of the TARDIS being alive was first introduced way back in 1964 with “The Edge of Destruction”, and little hints were dropped along the way during the show’s original run that suggested there might be more to the TARDIS than what met the eye. In 2005’s “Boom Town”, the Doctor outright states that the TARDIS is alive, but 2011 is the first time we get to hear the TARDIS actually converse with the Doctor in a meeting that is both beautiful and heartbreaking.


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