Remembering the Doctor: The Twelfth Doctor

It’s a bit tricky to cover the current Doctor, but it’s Day 12, and so we naturally turn to the Twelfth Doctor. Peter Capaldi took over from Matt Smith in 2014, and he’s been having a blast ever since. From sparring with Missy to playing the guitar while riding a tank, the Twelfth Doctor has done a little bit of everything, and he’s not even done being the Doctor! I admit I have an especial fondness for Twelve; he combines elements from all of the other Doctors, all rolled into one man.

I suppose I should qualify this by saying this is my favorite Twelfth Doctor episode *so far*, but that current favorite episode is “Heaven Sent”. Moffat’s writing was at its finest; Capaldi was owning every second, and the ending was one of the most memorable in Doctor Who‘s history.


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