Remembering the Reason

It’s fairly obvious that the world doesn’t like Jesus all that much. It likes to do its own thing and not listen to His teachings because, well, then it would have to stop what it was doing and change its ways. It’s easy to despair that the world has almost forgotten about Him entirely–but at Christmas, things are a little bit different.

So many of the local stores and shopping outlets in my area will erect Nativity sets outside their buildings, and seeing those sets gives me hope. Not everyone has forgotten Christ, and the Nativity sets are a visible reminder of what we celebrate at Christmas. On December 25, the world is forced to remember that the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us. It can plug its ears and go, “La la la, I can’t hear you,” but that doesn’t change the truth of what happened. The fact that God became Man is something that can never ever truly be forgotten.


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  1. Even existence and failure of Hittite Empire was not as thoroughly forgotten as they could have wished for.

    Homer could of course disguise (or receive as disguised by tradition before him), heros from battle of Kadesh into heros from war of Troy (probable reason there are Egyptians and Ethiopians in the Iliad), but the ones behind that didn’t count on Uriah the Hittite … being mentioned over and over again in the Gospel of St Matthew.

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