Mauve Alert! Peter Capaldi Announces He’s LEAVING DOCTOR WHO!

Peter Capaldi announced today that the 2017 Christmas special will be his last appearance as the Doctor. He will be regenerating to make way for a new Doctor in 2018, which will also be seeing Chris Chibnall taking over as showrunner from Steven Moffat.

I am not taking this well. I feel as if he’s being forced out of the show because all the nuWho fangirls hated that he was older and not a pretty boy. The Doctor was never supposed to be your boyfriend! Watch some classic Who and get an education!

And if they use his departure as an excuse/opportunity to cast a woman as the Doctor because something something diversity, something something open-mindedness, I will be so done with the modern series. So. Done.

On the other hand, I suppose I could try looking at it as another opportunity for my dream-casting of Hugh Laurie as the Doctor. But…drat it all, we just got Capaldi! I’m not ready to let go yet!



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4 responses to “Mauve Alert! Peter Capaldi Announces He’s LEAVING DOCTOR WHO!

  1. I am so sad about this. Capaldi snuck in and quickly dethroned David Tennant from his throne as “My Doctor” – the attitude, the accent, the EYEBROWS! I was also so excited that he finally had a new companion – they look like they are going to have really good chemistry 😕 Maybe if enough of us freak out he’ll change his mind!!

    • What really surprised me was how early he decided to leave. I know most of the nuWho Doctors stay roughly three seasons, but this is a role Capaldi has wanted to play ever since he became an actor. I figured he’d stay a minimum of five seasons.

  2. And don’t even get me started on how amazing he and River were together 😭

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