What Love Really Is

Normally I post this around St. Valentine’s Day, but since this weekend saw the release of a certain movie involving the color grey that spreads some pretty bad misconceptions about love, I decided to go ahead and share the commentary from Yours, Mine, and Ours that defines what love really is.

“It’s giving life that counts. Until you’re ready for it, all the rest is just a big fraud. All the crazy haircuts in the world won’t keep it turning. Life isn’t a love in; it’s the dishes and the orthodontist and the shoe repairman and ground round instead of roast beef. And I’ll tell you something else–it isn’t going to bed with a man that proves you’re in love with him; it’s getting up in the morning and facing the drab, miserable, wonderful everyday world with him that counts.”



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One response to “What Love Really Is

  1. Annie

    This is adorable and still, ALWAYS, true!

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