Holy Thursday 2017

Once again the Triduum is upon us, so once again I break out the presentation on the Fourth Cup. It’s a fascinating presentation, really, and I don’t ever really get tired of sharing it.


In a similar vein, I wanted to take the opportunity to recommend How Christ Said the First Mass by Fr. James L. Meagher. It’s an old book and was written before Vatican II (so its Mass references are talking about the Extraordinary Form), but I think that people who aren’t familiar with the Extraordinary Form would still find it interesting. It talks about the traditions surround the Hebrew Passover, how Christ observed those traditions, and how they became the Catholic Mass. There are some other minor traditions it addresses, too, such as how many children Adam and Eve had (here’s a hint: it was more than just Cain, Abel, and Seth). All in all, it’s an intriguing book I definitely recommend, especially for this time of year.


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