Overthinking Movies…Again

A lot of times movies are just movies, and I really shouldn’t be dissecting every tiny detail when something doesn’t make sense. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT!

A few days ago I was watching Dracula’s Daughter, and Van Helsing made a few remarks about dates that got me wondering about how exactly Countess Zaleska can be Dracula’s actual daughter. According to Van Helsing, Dracula died and was turned into a vampire 500 years ago. His daughter Marya died and was converted 100 years ago. This means that Dracula was already a vampire when Marya was born. Does this mean that the vampirism was something she inherited? And who was her mother–one of Dracula’s vampire wives or some random woman who wasn’t a vampire? If her mother was still human, does that mean she had a normal human childhood and was converted once she reached adulthood?

These are questions that will probably never be answered, much to my disappointed. Still, it had been a long time since I’d seen Dracula’s Daughter, and while I’m not one of the people who thinks it surpasses the original Dracula, it’s undeniably a good movie.



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3 responses to “Overthinking Movies…Again

  1. I happen to think Dracula is a movie best avoided.

    Not saying I have no sympathy with fans, part time fan myself.

    A vampire arguably could not have fathered a child. And “overthinking” on your part arguably means someone on the production line could have been “underthinking”.

    Only rarely would Tolkien or CSL have been doing sth like that in either Middle Earth or Narnia. (Or is it Middleearth as one word? Or hyphenated?)

    • You’re probably right about the underthinking part…when they first got the idea to make a sequel to Dracula, I don’t think she was supposed to be his daughter. I believe they planned to adapt a short story that Stoker wrote about a traveler who was staying overnight in Dracula’s castle and had to avoid being on the dinner menu for a female vampire. The story gradually evolved until it became the story we saw in Dracula’s Daughter.

      And I think it’s Middle-earth, but I’ve seen it spelled a lot of ways.

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