Why are Our Heroes being Corrupted?

I’m not talking about characters like Wolverine who have sometimes been morally murky. Nor am I talking about characters like Darth Vader who fell and still found redemption. I’m talking about characters we’ve seen turned into distorted parodies of themselves like Superman in Man of Steel or Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was shocking to learn of Snow and Charming’s decision to exile Maleficent’s child in Once Upon a Time (although we later learned that their actions were solely being controlled by the Author at that point). And now with the rumors that Luke will be turning to the Dark Side in The Last Jedi, I’m forced to ask…why? Why are heroes being corrupted? Do the authors think it makes for a better story? But what is to be gained? Why kill the hope that these characters represented? With the way the world currently is, I would think we could all do with a little hope.



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2 responses to “Why are Our Heroes being Corrupted?

  1. In French schools, you are required to read some Marquis de Sade.

    It seems “ponerogenesis” and engineered such is a meme very interesting to some.

    And some seem to be both interested in engineering ponerogenesis themselves and in promoting the meme.

    Perhaps US pop culture is after all dominated by a Protestantism which believes in the Calvinist TULIP and especially the T in it : Total corruption. You know that Rockefeller is really Rocquefeuille, a French Calvinist family?

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