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I Had My Doubts about “The Clones Wars”…

…theĀ Star Wars animated series from 2008 that fills the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. “It’s just a ploy for money!” I cried. “They’re probably breaking canon and expecting people to ignore it! And what’s this nonsense about Anakin having a Padawan?” The rest of the world, however, seemed thrilled about Clone Wars, claiming it was better than the prequel movies and a fun show to boot. Still deeply suspicious, I decided to give it a try.

Oh my goodness, it is leagues better than the prequels. If movie Anakin had been more like TV Anakin, I really think the prequels wouldn’t be quite so hated. Padme gets to do interesting stuff; Jar Jar is less annoying (but still giving off those secret Force power vibes); Obi-Wan is a delightful ball of sarcasm, and Anakin’s Padawan, a Togruta girl named Ahsoka Tano, is a much better character than I was expecting. Granted, I’m only on the first season, so maybe the show goes downhill. But for now, it’s amazing.

I haven’t seen any of Rebels yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to it. Right now I’m enjoying the ride that Clone Wars is offering.


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“Doctor Who” Returns…in October

The good news is that we finally have an idea of when Thirteen will be crashing onto our screens. The bad news is that it’s not until October.

We also got a glimpse of the new logo today. It’s nice and shiny, but at the same time I feel as if it’s missing something. I’m not sure what that something is yet; I just have the strangest feeling that the logo is missing something.

One thing’s for sure–October will definitely be an interesting month.

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Love and Dust

It’s here! It’s finally happened! Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day are the same day! Long have I awaited this occurrence! Sure, it’s cynical and probably evil of me to do so, but having never been a fan of the overwhelming mushiness of St. Valentine’s, I longed for the year that would see Ash Wednesday trump it. And it’s here! Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, baby!

To help with the mood, we have a fine collection of Ash Wednesday/St. Valentine’s Day cards courtesy of Jason Bach Cartoons. It’s a perfect addition for the day when you want to celebrate love but have to remember your inevitable demise, too.


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A Reminder of What Love Is

So this weekend is the release of the final movie in the stupid trilogy about the color grey, and it just makes me mad that a messed-up relationship like that is glamorized. To counter that, I am pulling out one of my favorite videos, the speech from Yours, Mine, and Ours about what love really is.

Love isn’t about feeling good; it’s about dying to yourself for the benefit of others. The other people become more important than your own wants and desires. In its ideal form, it should be a reflection of the love God has for us, that He loved us so much He was willing to die for us. That’s what love really is.


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