Doctor Who Review: Resolution *Contains Spoilers*

Doctor Who has given us a New Year’s special instead of a Christmas special this holiday season. Did it make up for the lackluster season 11? There be spoilers below…

As the trailers might have given away, “Resolution” signaled the return of the Daleks. This was a rather surprising development since Chris Chibnall was very adamant about not including any of the classic monsters in Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor (which makes me wonder if the slew of negative reviews made him desperate). I must say the Dalek parts were the best thing about the whole episode, and Chibnall managed to do something creative and new with them. What would happen if a Dalek got separated from its case? Apparently the answer is use a human as a puppet until a replacement case can be constructed.

Other than that, it was basically like the rest of season 11–bleh and meh. Oh, and having UNIT meet an undignified end at the hands of bureaucracy? That’s a step too far, Chibnall (though hopefully Kate Stewart is secretly continuing operations somewhere). I hate to say it, but I’m actually kind of glad we won’t be getting any more episodes until 2020; maybe that will give them a chance to correct some of the blandness that infected these latest episodes. If we had to get any episodes at all this year, though, I’m glad we got something like this. It was great to see a Dalek in action again. Hopefully it is a portent of better things to come for season 12.


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