A Really Awesome Book

So there was a book I got for Christmas, and it was amazing, and I wanted to share its existence with all of you. It’s called Never Leave Your Monastery by H. G. Potter. It’s a world similar to ours except with a whole lot more magical menaces–it’s a dangerous world out there, which is why the novice Jacob Magister is cautioned to never leave the monastery he calls home, but does he listen? Nope. Well, he left, but then he went back, and then he got sold into slavery, and it all kind of devolves for Jacob from there. With both natural and supernatural problems to worry about, all Jacob really wants is to stay alive, not get involved in quests with elves and dwarves and fight demons. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what happens.

Never Leave Your Monastery is a lengthy read, but it’s very rich and layered and well worth the time it takes to get through it. Jacob is an unusual hero in that he vacillates a lot between whether or not he actually wants to be doing this–sometimes to the point where I want to slap him and tell him to make up his mind–but I think that makes him more relatable in a way. So, long story short, this is a book I highly recommend.


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