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I Survived the Eclipse of 2017

That shouldn’t be a big deal, but for me it kind of is. You see, last week I made the mistake of reading the Isaac Asimov/Robert Silverberg novel Nightfall, which is about a planet with six suns that experiences an eclipse for the first time in 2,049 years. Let’s just say the inhabitants didn’t handle the darkness very well.

I admit, I was half-expecting fires and madness and the collapse of civilization as we know it (that’s how it went down in the book). But everything passed, and everyone was fine. So now I know that eclipses don’t usually have the same effect as they did in Nightfall.

Nightfall, by the way, is an incredibly good book; I highly recommend it. It was co-authored by two Hugo Award winners, so you can’t really go wrong with that.


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